Food Donation Camp

The food donation camp started because numerous devotees, pilgrims, and sages visit Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika Temple from different parts of the country and other countries. Devotees obtain the blessing of Lord Ram and Hanuman by praying wholeheartedly in the temple. It is a special place for the devotees as it was the dwelling place of Lord Hanuman during the Mahabharata. It is the center for various charitable works for the poor people.

Donating food is considered one of the highest forms of a wholesome activity to acquire redemption. Food is required to sustain life in any living being. But numerous people spend their day without sight of food. Offering food to the needy and poor people is like giving back their lives. There can’t be any noble service than this. Temple trust is providing free foods daily to the poor people, devotees, and sages coming there. We provide food twice daily to more than 500 people. We also organize food and health camps for the pilgrimage for devotees in various religious places. Be a part of this project by donating food or cash for this charitable camp.