People have been consuming cow milk since Indus Valley Civilization. Using cow’s milk daily increases stamina, health, and memory, it is due to the presence of various essential nutrients found in the milk. Further, the excreta used as manure can increase the production of food grains. So, people have been rearing cows since the earliest days of civilization. Uses of milk are much more than drink. Milk can also be churned into ghee, curd, and edible product to consume. These products are used for various religious purposes and thus considered sacred.

A cow is one of the most revered animals in the Hindu religion. It is considered as a mother as it nourishes the people with milk like its calf. Today, green pastures are rarely found in cities that can graze the cow, so we made Goshala (Cow House) feed cows and give cow’s milk to serve poor people. Good fodder and constant care can make cows healthy and disease-free. This organization is taking care of 150 cows in three different places. So, generously donate to take care and conserve our sacred animals.